Help Your House Weather the Winter

We perform winter home care taking in Bozeman, MT

If you’re heading south for the winter, don’t spend the whole time worrying about the condition of your house. Hire Double Duty, Inc. for winter home care taking. We’ll monitor the environment around your home every week to determine any problems or potential problems.

Whether you’re worried about your vacation home or just out of town for the season, you can count on us to take excellent care of your property. We offer affordable rates dependent on the size of your home and how in-depth you want the care taking services.

Call now to learn more about winter home upkeep in Bozeman, MT.

Our home upkeep services keep your house functioning

Our home upkeep services keep your house functioning

Don’t leave town without requesting our home upkeep services. We work hard to make sure your home is ready for you when you return. We will:

  • Flush all toilets
  • Check mechanical rooms
  • Perform security inspections
  • Pick up mail
  • Forward your first-class mail
  • Examine gutters for ice jams
  • Clear snow from decks
  • Start vehicles to prevent battery failure

We can even expand our winter service to encompass the whole year. Contact us today to talk to a specialist about our home upkeep services in Bozeman, MT.